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SCHERZINGER offers 4D failure analyses and more

Our quality pumps are internationally recognized for their exceptionally long lifespan. Wear is nevertheless normal for every type of mechanical system – this is also true of individual components in gear pumps.

So that you can be even more certain, we offer you precise, evaluable failure analyses – you have the option of allowing us to conduct this: The analyses are comprehensive and consist of disassembling and assessing the opened pump and, if necessary, measuring the individual parts.

You will receive a 4D report from us as the result. This describes the causes and recommendations for optimization measures. Likewise included: a cost estimate for the repairs or – if the pump is irreparable – an offer for an appropriate new pump.

We will charge a flat rate for an expense contribution for this analysis service – in a resulting order (repair or new product), we will offset the amount again here.

You can directly commission requests, complaints and service orders with the form below.

Important: Please perform the two following steps so that we can process your request:

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  2. Send in the product


1. Complete the registration form


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2. Send in the product

Would you like to return a product to us for repairs or due to a complaint? Please note the following points:

Send the product to the following address:

Bregstrasse 23 - 25
78120 Furtwangen

Include the completed clearance declaration in the package in order to enable quick processing. Observe the instructions regarding the conveyed medium and the delivery condition of the pump.
DownloadClearance declaration

Affix our label with the red "R" on the exterior of the package to enable prompt identification upon the return delivery to our receiving department.

Download: Red "R"

In the case of a complaint, we request that the product be returned to us unopened. If the product under complaint arrives already disassembled or already opened, we will exclude any warranty.