Precision in Perfection under Extreme Conditions Reliable fuel dividing in gas turbines

1500˚C and a strong current try to throw every component out of the rhythm. Without avail ...

Have you ever seen a gas turbine plant live? In the size of an entire truck trailer, it rests before the eye, and it can only be surmised as to what massive energy quantities encounter each other inside. Every single mechanical component is exposed to extreme temperatures of 1500˚C and strong flow-optimized loads. A brutal environment – and, at the same time, an elegant technical solution. The result: fuel nozzles arranged in a circle inject exactly the same fuel amount unwaveringly and constantly, the combustion process remains balanced, and the turbine wheel turns and turns ...

A gas turbine plant of this size supplies 400,000 people with electricity. High-tech products from SCHERZINGER supply the gas turbine here with the necessary consistency and precision.

The view for the entirety: the advantages of SCHERZINGER fuel dividing

Under extreme conditions, the quantity division must continuously yield an exact performance. This demands everything of the technology and sets the bar high for each individual component. High-tech products from SCHERZINGER will satisfy these demands:

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Robust design

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Compact design for flexible possible applications

Icon für die präzisen Pumpen beim Pumpenspezialist Scherzinger in Furtwangen.

Extremely precise and competent

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Insensitive to contamination

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Long lifespan

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