Enormous Power for E-Mobility Pumps for a functioning oil supply for gear lubrication without compromises

The acceleration of e-vehicles is severe – the requirements for gear lubrication are severe

No combustion engine comes close to the values of an electric engine in terms of acceleration – the power is there immediately and does not stop. In order for the thrust to push you back into your seat, the gears must withstand the load: SCHERZINGER gear lubrication pumps ensure that the lubricating film is never lacking or torn off during this kind of power output in the gears.

A strong pump heart for a strong oil supply:

In modern electric cars, gear lubrication supplies the gears with oil in the bearings and at the engagement points in the gearing. This is both the requirement for a functioning of the drive and the basis for a long lifespan. The appropriate lubrication takes place together with the electric drive of the pump and independently of the gear or engine speed. In this manner, the oil lubrication is reliable at all times - even at full throttle or a start at the traffic light.

The advantages of power from SCHERZINGER pumps

CO2-saving, lighter, more efficient, more precise, more robust … – the requirements for current automobile parts are enormous and continue to increase. The advantages of our pump highlights also increase accordingly. You will profit from:

Lange Lebensdauer von Getrieben durch Getriebeschmierugen von Scherzinger.

An enormously long product lifespan

Betriebssicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit durch Pumpen und Getriebe von Scherzinger.

Enormous reliability and operational safety

Hoher Wirkungsgrad und minimaler Energieverbrauch der Getriebe von Scherzinger.

An enormously high degree of efficiency in the gear through which we extract the maximum for you and minimize the energy consumption

Hohe Kompaktheit der Getriebe von Scherzinger.

Enormous compactness: high integration capacity due to a design adapted to the installation space

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