Precise Testing at Full Throttle Test station for pumps with linear wear for fuel preparation in consumption and emission measurements

In 2.5 seconds from idle mode to maximum rotation speed – the engine whines …

A consumption measurement is no walk in the park for engines and testers: In the simulation of maximum acceleration, the engine is accelerated under full load from an idle mode to maximum rotation speed in less then three seconds. While doing so, the tester recognizes if the fuel volume ideally suits the air volume – if not, the software engineer must adjust the engine control which consists of approximately 200,000 program lines.

It goes without saying that these tests must be absolutely accurate: In order to be able to optimally calibrate and adapt the engine parameters, a modern test station with ideal fuel preparation by means of SCHERZINGER pumps is required.

With SCHERZINGER, we can finally plan maintenance intervals accurately because the wear of the pump is precisely predictable.
Heiko Kuschmann
Bild von Heiko Kuschmann, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.
Fotografie von Zahnradpumpen der Firma Scherzinger aus Furtwangen.

Fastidious High-Tech Pumps – accurate to the microleter

The efficiency of modern combustion engines – specifically for road vehicles – is becoming increasingly important and is thus monitored by legislators.

How much gas does an automobile need according to the WLTP and what emissions does it emit? These parameters are analyzed in the consumption measurement: In automotive production, as in series production as well, the fuel consumption and the emissions of the engines must be measured accurately and optimized. The test stations designed specifically for this purpose have calibrated testing devices which measure the fuel, oil, air and urea (DEF).

The fuel supply unit is connected before the test object and conditions the fuel exactly to the desired operating point (pressure and temperature). The consumption quantity is precisely recorded, down to a few microliters – even in a highly dynamic, mobile operation.

The precision of SCHERZINGER makes the following possible:

Icon für die präzisen Pumpen beim Pumpenspezialist Scherzinger in Furtwangen.

Maximum measurement precision in a very wide operating range

from the idle mode of a small car to the full throttle of high-performance vehicles on the freeway

Icon zur Wartung von Scherzinger Zahnradpumpen.

High test station availability with schedulable maintenance intervals

Icon für vielfältige Pumpen, da Scherzinger für viele Zahnradpumpen ein Spezialist ist.

High measurement dynamics for the dynamic drive mode

Pumpen von Scherzinger bestechen durch Qualität und ihrer hohen Zuverlässigkeit.

Constant flow with minimal pulsation

gear pump technology

Icon für ausdauernde Zahnradpumpen mit einer hohen Lebensdauer.

High corrosion resistance

universally applicable for the most diverse fuels – even racing fuel

Sinan Alüste

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Bild von Sinan Alüste, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.