Acquiring Energy but not Losses: Oil supply in CHP for ideal operating conditions and an optimal efficiency level


No, these are not the key data for the operation of a truck engine – these are the ideal operating conditions in a combined heat and power unit that generates heat and electricity from diesel fuel or natural gas.

SCHERZINGER knows exactly how such generating stations function and that a trouble-free oil lubrication is necessary for a smooth operation. This is the foundation for being able to offer pumps that perfectly suit the environment and thereby contribute to an optimal level of efficiency. Ultimately, the heat generated on site should also be used as entirely as possible.

Pumpen von Scherzinger zur reibungslosen Ölversorgung von BKKW.

The pumping heart ensures a smooth operation:

So that the CHP can play off the advantages of its – in comparison to conventional solutions for heating and central power supply – considerably higher rate of use, the oil supply of the CHP drive engine must function. With SCHERZINGER, the oil supply follows a classic process with a pressure pump which supplies the bearings and running surfaces of the engine with oil. So that service interventions are only as seldom as possible despite the long lifespans of CHP engines, we employ auxiliary tanks with fresh oil. The system can conduct the necessary oil change independently with this oil – as a result, we succeed in extending the service interval from the factor 2 to 3.

The advantages of SCHERZINGER for your combined heating and power unit

The oil lubrication in the CHP must, first and foremost, fulfill three objectives: It must function absolutely reliably, it must have a long lifespan, and it must have a self-priming pump. The SCHERZINGER gear pumps satisfy all these requirements. You profit from these advantages:

Länger Service-Intervalle für Blockheizkraftwerke durch Schmierungen von Scherzinger Pumpen.

Longer service intervals

Reduzierte Betriebskosten für Blockheizkraftwerke dank Schmierungen von Scherzinger.

Reduced operating costs

Zuverlässige Pumpen von Scherzinger für eine zuverlässige Ölschmierung.

Reliable pumps for a reliable oil lubrication

Durch Schmierungen von Scherzinger Pumpen werden Ressourcen geschont.

Resource saving

Nachhaltiger Betrieb von Blockheizkraftwerken durch Schmierungen von Scherzinger.

Sustainable operation 

efficient and cost-saving

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