Clean Combustion for a Clean Future Pumps for closed-loop and hybrid systems for diesel exhaust gas cleaning with scrubber.

1 container/cruise ship – as bad as millions of automobiles?

Hard to believe it actually happened that way: Due to a container ship in the Hamburg port, the fire alarms sound the alarm in clinics and nursing homes, people report an alleged fire, and citizens complain about strong unpleasant odors. The ship's chimney emits so much soot and smoke. A 2019 study by the German Association for Nature Conservation (Naturschutzbund Deutschland - NABU) explains how heavily cruise ships pollute the environment – per day, one ship emits …

  • as much CO2 as 84,000 cars
  • as much nitrogen oxide as 421,000 cars
  • as much fine dust particles as 1 million cars
  • as much sulphur dioxide as 376 million cars

The need for cleaner ship engines is immense – there is still much to be done and SCHERZINGER is onboard with …

What especially motivates me: We are helping to make the ships in the world's oceans more environmentally compatible.
Benedikt Milde
Bild von Benedikt Milde, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.

Operational safe pumps for exhaust gas cleaning in the wet scrubbing process

In contrast to open diesel cleaning systems (open-loop scrubber) which wash the exhaust gas only with pumped seawater and then return the wastewater to the sea, closed (closed-loop) and hybrid systems are considerably more environmentally friendly.

SCHERZINGER gear pumps are used in this method: The emission of pollutants is reduced by washing the sulphur dioxides out of the exhaust gas. The wet scrubbing process functions like a shower here: The exhaust gases from the ship are irrigated with an alkaline solution from special nozzles. The small drops bind the sulphur dioxides here, then fall down and are collected in a tank – the cleaned exhaust gas escapes through the chimney. In the closed-loop systems and hybrid exhaust post-treatment systems, the irrigation nozzles in the exhaust gas scrubber are supplied by a special tank from within the ship – here only fresh water (closed-loop system) or sea- or fresh water (hybrid) is mixed with an alkaline substance (usually caustic soda). This substance is supplied to the tank in a precisely predefined concentration and amount and with the help of SCHERZINGER pumps. 

We are proud that our products can make a contribution to more environmental protection – and we are constantly developing solutions so that ships can be more environmentally friendly when in transit in the future. There is still much to be done – we will stay on it.

Individual pump technology that benefits the community

All supertankers and container and cruise ships should be made to be cleaner – our pumps for the diesel exhaust gas cleaning with scrubber contribute to this. These are your advantages:

Effiziente Abgasreinigung durch Entfernung von Schwefeldioxide und Feinstaub.

An effective and efficient exhaust gas cleaning:

removes over 98% of sulphur dioxide and ensures 80% less fine dust particles

Hohe Betriebssicherheit der Pumpen für Abgasreinigung von Scherzinger.

High operational safety

Individuelle Pumpen zur Abgasreinigung von Scherzinger.

Individual system configuration adapted to the respective ship

Aufrüstung der Pumpen für Abgasreinigung in kurzer Zeit mit minimalen Ausfallzeiten.

Upgrade within the shortest time possible:

only short failure times for the ship