Effective Internal Gear Pumps Pumps with crescents from SCHERZINGER – for a steady conveyance

Internal gear pumps are primarily used if a minimal pulsation and an especially quiet operation are required. A very high degree of regularity enables precisely this internal pump.

Due to the long sealing sections within the pump, very high suction heads and differential pressures of up to 120 bar can be realized. Because compensation elements are also not necessary at such high pressures, the overall efficiency is excellent. Like all pumps from SCHERZINGER, this construction is also marked by high quality and reliability in an ongoing operation.

Advantages of internal gear pumps at a glance:

Innenzahnrad-Pumpen mit geringe Pulsation und ruhigem Lauf von Scherzinger.

High degree of uniformity

Durch lange Dichtstrecken innerhalb der Pumpe können mit diesen Innenzahnrad-Pumpen große Saughöhen erreicht werden.

Very high suction heads

Durch lange Dichtstrecken innerhalb der Pumpe können Innenzahnrad-Pumpen hohe Differenzdrücke erreichen.

High differential pressures of up to 120 bar

Produced for applications such as: