Customer-Specific Multivalves Completely reliable special valves for extreme conditions

Thanks to our experienced specialists, you profit from special valves at SCHERZINGER for which you must not make any compromises: We design and produce exactly what you request – in quality large-scale serial production.

Multivalves from SCHERZINGER
– manufactured specifically for you

Mehrfachventile, entwickelt von Scherzinger für individuellen Anforderungen.


Developed for your individual requirements (in gas turbines)

Sichere Funktionalität durch Mehrfachventile aus dem Hause Scherzinger.


Safe shutdown and switching between the liquid circuits or liquid and gas circuits

Mehrfachventile von Scherzinger sind zuverlässig und für Extrembedingungen gemacht.


Produced for application under extreme conditions

Aufnahme des Produktes Mehrfachventil aus dem Hause Scherzinger Pumpen.

Specific multivalves in serial production:

linear (modular design)
Distributor principlesimultaneous opening/closing of valve elements
gas-tight sealing function
switching function
Number of elements10 – 18
Type of actuationpneumatic, hydraulic and/or manual
Total flow rate10 l/min - 1703 l/min
Flow rate per inlet1 l/min - 96 l/min
Pressure decreaseup to 0.5 bar
Viscosity rangegaseous up to 40 cSt
Tightness classANSI/FCI 70-2 Class V, VI
Temperature rangeup to 130 °C
Operating pressureup to 120 bar
MaterialsNodular graphite cast iron (surface-treated)
Stainless steel


Ideal for fluids such as:

  • Heating oil
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Naphtha
  • Nitrogen
  • Demineralized water

Produced for applications such as:

  • Purge valve - for flushing line systems on gas turbines
  • Nozzle isolation valve – simultaneous locking/opening of several fuel lines in gas turbines
  • Shear seal valve – simultaneous locking/opening of an additional fuel circuit in gas turbines
  • Manifold block – regulated supply of various process materials into the combustion chambers of a gas turbine
Marco Hawlicek

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Produced for applications such as: