Robust, Consistantly Performing Flow Dividers Pumps for liquid-operated gas turbines

For turbines to be able to perform flawlessly, it is essentially important that all combustion chambers be consistantly supplied with fuel. Only then will you achieve optimal combustion. Flow dividers from SCHERZINGER ensure that the fuel flow is ideal.

Flow Dividers from SCHERZINGER
– they perform as promised

Scherzinger Brennstoffverteiler sind durch ihre robuste Bauart für härteste Aufgaben gemacht.


A design produced only for the toughest application conditions

Brennstoffverteiler von Scherzinger haben eine hohe Standzeit und keine Ausfälle.

Long service lives

No failures, even during critical operation conditions

Hoher Qualitätsgrad durch hochwertige Brennstoffverteiler von Scherzinger.

High quality

At SCHERZINGER, we merge over 80 years of experience with the newest technologies and solutions for individual customer requirements to produce quality products.

Robuste Brennstoffverteiler von Scherzinger für Turbinen.

Pump power for your turbines:


linear, individual elements
linear, double elements

Distributor principlesynchronized, external gear pump levels
Number of elements2 – 18
Conveyed amount50 l/min to 1350l/min
Displacement volume (Vgth)5.4 - 36 cm3/U
Pressure decreasemax. 7bar
Viscosity range1 mPas to 40 mPas
Process temperature-10°C to 130°C
Ambient temperature-15 to +65°C
Operating pressureup to 96 bar
MaterialsNodular graphite cast iron (surface-treated)
Stainless steel
Aluminum bronze (TINOX)


Ideal for fluids such as:

  • Crude oil
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Heating oil
  • Naphtha
  • Demineralized water

Produced for applications such as:

  • Gas turbines for liquid fuels with several combustion chambers
  • Gas turbines for dual fuel with several combustion chambers
  • Gas turbines from 40 MW to 400 MW
Marco Hawlicek

Telephone +49 (0)7723 6506-503

Bild von Marco Hawlicek, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Spezialist von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.

Produced for applications such as: