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SCR pumps: Customized with just a few clicks!

Are you already familiar with our new product configurator for customized SCR dosing system solutions?

With just a few clicks, you can now configure your ideal pump and tailor it precisely to your needs. Experience the ease of use and versatility of our tool and discover how quickly and precisely you can find your ideal SCR dosing system. Visit our new page and see for yourself!

Meet us at the Dritev 2024!

Scherzinger will be exhibiting at the leading international congress for automotive drive technology “Dritev” in Baden-Baden from June 12-13, 2024.

Visit our stand to find out more about our latest solutions in the field of charging station cooling. We are proud to make our contribution to the electric mobility of tomorrow and look forward to sharing our innovations with you.

We look forward to meeting you at Dritev 2024 and discussing the future of vehicle technology together.

Smart solutions for maritime environmental responsibility

Did you already know? Ships such as the Queen Mary 2 emit as much nitrogen oxide when lying in port, for example in Hamburg, as 1.5 million mid-range diesel cars.

We at Scherzinger Pumpen have the solution: Our SCR pumping systems support a precise reduction of emissions that comply with IMO MARPOL standards and beyond. SCR technology converts harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, making emissions virtually pollutant-free.

Effects of Putin's war - an interview with the executive director

"We have now been tested in crisis mode - we will also master the current situation!" Matthias Derse, Managing Director of Scherzinger, comments confidently on the current situation. But you can tell that he is deeply touched by the suffering of the people in Ukraine. "Unfortunately, it is only in such situations that you realize what is really important!"

Scherzinger takes of with systems!

Scherzinger used the company holidays to create space for new products right next to the main plant in Furtwangen. The approximately 250 square meter building had been owned by the Scherzinger company for many years and is now flourishing again. System construction starts on September 1st in the new premises!