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Effects of Putin's war - an interview with the executive director

"We have now been tested in crisis mode - we will also master the current situation!" Matthias Derse, Managing Director of Scherzinger, comments confidently on the current situation. But you can tell that he is deeply touched by the suffering of the people in Ukraine. "Unfortunately, it is only in such situations that you realize what is really important!"

Scherzinger takes of with systems!

Scherzinger used the company holidays to create space for new products right next to the main plant in Furtwangen. The approximately 250 square meter building had been owned by the Scherzinger company for many years and is now flourishing again. System construction starts on September 1st in the new premises!

How is it going at Scherzinger in the "Corona year" - interview with the CEO

"You can't prepare for something like that," says Matthias Derse, CEO of Scherzinger. The fact that Scherzinger still gets through the corona pandemic well is an impressive team effort by the whole team.

Digital Transformation in the Black Forest – Scherzinger Meets Digital Challenges (Kopie 1)

With the development of a Digital Roadmap, the company Scherzinger takes an additional step to meet the challenges of the digital transformation. The customer promise is the top priority: dynamic, flexible and proficient problem solutions for individual gear and vane-type pumps.

Information Notice on the Impacts of the Corona Virus

Dear Customer, Dear Business Partner,

With this information notice, we would like to inform you of our assessment of the spread of the impact of the corona virus.

The New Construction Project Plant "Neueck"

"It all comes down to your roots!": Serial production starts in our new building in end of 2019!