What Does Good is Contained Inside Circulation pumps for pressurization systems

Savings of 1 million tons of CO2. 90,000 people with sustainable electricity. 1 facility.

The largest solar project globally produces 1.18 gigawatts of electricity under prime conditions – sustainable electricity with CO2 savings equivalent to 200,000 automobiles a year. With this, you and 89,999 other persons can turn the light on at home, use the electric elevator and charge your cell phone with a good conscience.

Does that sound simple? The result should be as well. But can you imagine which dangers a facility contains when it is literally under a concentrated charge current? Luckily, you do not have to imagine this. This technological peak performance is certainly safe – and SCHERZINGER is right in the middle.

“Today we are already
making our active contribution to
renewable energy production.”
Benedikt Milde
Bild von Benedikt Milde, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.
Bild einer Pumpe der Firma Scherzinger GmbH aus Furtwangen.

Gear pumps for more safety and long lifespans in the pressurization system

Do something good for the environment? Sustainable energy production is a large step in the right direction. However, only with the use of high-quality components can the technology deliver what it promises. Complex systems with two seals, between which the sealing medium is inserted, make it impossible that anything escapes into the environment. This requires a 100% reliable and durable pump: The pressurization/circulation pump serves the circulation, cooling, pressurization and the leakage compensation of the sealing medium in a forcible circulation system and thereby ensures the function of the double mechanical seal. In brief: if the pump creates the proper environment, the seals can hold tight.

A pressurization system with a SCHERZINGER pump convinces with safety

And this is not only in regenerative energy production: Pressurization systems are also a durable and reliable solution – together with SCHERZINGER gear pumps – in the chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-, food and cosmetic industries.

Höchste Betriebssicherheit der Sperrdrucksysteme von Scherzinger Pumpen.

Highest operational safety in all situations

Leckage- und ATEX-konformer Schutz durch Magnetkupplung bei Sperrdrucksystemen.

Complete leakage security and ATEX-conforming explosion protection due to magnetic coupling

Flexibilität der Sperrdrucksysteme von Scherzinger durch spezifische Motorenauswahl.

Customer-specific engine selection


Lange Lebensdauer der Sperrdrucksysteme von Scherzinger Pumpen.

Long lifespan