Staying Cool! Pumps for the lubrication of cold compressors for a seamless cool chain.

"Mama, I want an ice cream!" – there are no more excuses …

In the food industry, it is of critical importance that the cool chain is maintained without interruption. The products in the large, glassed-in refrigerated display case in supermarkets must invite consumers to help themselves – the technology behind this is not interesting to hungry kids and really is not terribly exciting: Large cold compressors ensure that the frozen products are stored at exactly the right temperature and are therefore available in every season.

Aufnahme einer Außenzahnradpumpe des Pumpenspezialisten Scherzinger aus Furtwangen.

The cool pump heart for a consistently functioning lubrication:

It is particularly important for the lubrication of cold compressors that the technology runs smoothly. Even brief failures can interrupt the cool chain and make the goods unusable. The piston compressor must be well lubricated at all times: So that children's hearts beat faster when there is ice cream, SCHERZINGER products, as the heart of lubrication, see to it that all essential bearings are supplied with sufficient oil by means of the oil pump – for a reliable, efficient and durable operation.

Always on the pulse of the times: the advantages of SCHERZINGER power pumps

The continuous operation demands everything of the technology and places high demands on every part of the system. So, it compressor lubrication, it depends not only on reliability but on additional main points – SCHERZINGER satisfies all of them:

Icon für den geringer Energieeinsatz von Scherzinger Pumpen als Vorteil.

Low energy input 

Icon für den guten Wirkungsgrad der Pumpen aus dem Hause Scherzinger.

Good level of efficiency

Icon für ausdauernde Zahnradpumpen mit einer hohen Lebensdauer.

Robust design

Icon für zuverlässige & betriebssichere Scherzinger-Pumpen.

Operational safety for users

(even with many stops)

Icon für langlebige Pumpen vom Pumpenspezialisten Scherzinger aus dem Schwarzwald.

Long lifespan

Icon für den leisen Betrieb und die leise Pumpen von Scherzinger als Vorteil.

Quiet operation

An additional advantage with SCHERZINGER:

We can respond to your individual wishes and adapt pumps exactly to your requirements. We will gladly develop the suitable solution as the heart of the lubrication for your cold compressors.