Electronic component protection by potting compounds Pumps for electro casting and the encapsulation of electronic components

Disruptions, loose connections, short circuits caused by liquids? All this does not have to occur …

Without electronic products, practically nothing in our daily lives will function. Billions of circuit boards and assemblies accompany us often without our realizing it. They are in heating systems, washing machines, televisions, wind turbines, automobiles, boats and ships – and they must function smoothly at all times and everywhere.

Temperature fluctuations, condensation, moisture, dust, foreign objects or vibrations must not harm the electronic or electrical components: The functionality of entire products succeeds or fails depending on their functionality.

Electro casting offers effective protection of the sensitive components because this technology will coat the components with a special casting compound – this is where SCHERZINGER pumps come into play.

Erstellung einer Graugusspumpe bei Scherzinger aus Furtwangen.

Precise pumps for a precise dosing

In electro casting, 2-part casting resin is frequently used: The components A (resin) and B (hardener) are supplied from the respective containers and dosed precisely according to the required mix ratio and the specified applied quantity as guided and applied by the 2-part mixer. Once the components are encased in a special casting compound, the material dries. The electronic components are thus securely fixed mechanically, protected from contact, electrically shielded and made vibration-resistant. To apply the casting resin precisely to the nozzles is a task for SCHERZINGER gear pumps.

If the mixture is right, the protection is right

Seals can be damaged, thereby exposing the interior of the casing meant to be protected – in an electro casting, what is to be protected – the components themselves - are, however, completely enclosed; this is, above all, an advantge for small, sensitive components.

So that this protection really holds, the mix ratio of the casting compound must be right. Precise as a heartbeat, the working pumps from SCHERZINGER reliably ensure exactly this:

Icon zur Reproduzierung bei der Firma Scherzinger.

Observance of the defined resin and hardener ratio

Icon für variable Auftragsmengen bei Pumpen von Scherzinger.

Attainment of the defined output quantity

Pumpen von Scherzinger bestechen durch Qualität und ihrer hohen Zuverlässigkeit.

High operational safety and wear resistance


Icon für die genaue Dosierung bei hochwertigen Pumpen von Scherzinger.

Bubble-free, low pulsating conveyance and dosing

Icon für die Flexibilität für Kunden bei den qualitativ hochwertigen Pumpen von Scherzinger.

Variably adjustable motor control – primarily, pump pressure and flow rate

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