Reliability for Super Sport Cars Dry sump lubrication pumps for oil supply under extreme conditions

Flying through the Green Hell at Top Speed - there is no room for errors …

Nürburgring, we are racing in the Schwedenkreuz. We move with incredible speed over a blind hilltop towards the left bend. The super sports car is light, but the driver presses firmly on the gas. Do the brakes function? Is everything operating smoothly? No time to think about it – the next curve is already here.
Under conditions of such extreme driving dynamics – when it depends on milliseconds and unbelievable force – a race car driver should not have to think about whether the engine has been reliably supplied with sufficient oil. He must rely on the technology. The fact that he can do this is due to the race-tested dry sump lubrication pump from SCHERZINGER.

Mitarbeiter bei der Herstellung von Pumpen für die Trockensumpfschmierung.

To the podium with proper dry sump lubrication

In the extreme driving conditions of racing – particularly in lateral and longitudinal accelerations – it is especially critical that the engine is well supplied with oil at all times by means of a dry sump lubrication. The exhaust pump of the lubrication vacuums the engine oil below the crankshaft and pumps it into the intermediate tank. From there, it is suctioned in by a second pressure pump and conveyed to the engine's depositories or auxiliary units (e.g. the turbocharger). This eliminates the actual oil pan, the engine can be placed lower, and the super athlete has better driving characteristics. The flexible positioning of the oil tank adds additionally flexibility to the unit.

Experience with high-tech pumps yields the highest performance

For over 40 years, SCHERZINGER has delivered precisely the right pressure and suction pumps for such systems. For even more efficiency, we utilize multiple adjustable pressure pumps – combined suction and pressure pumps can also be realized. We always calibrate the selection of the suitable pump principle specifically to the relevant application.

We develop and manufacture precisely the right solution – for example:

  • External gear pumps
  • Gerotor pumps (gear pumps)
  • Vane-type pumps
  • Gear wheels of high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum or plastic
  • Casing of highly durable plastic
  • Pump pressure and flow rate are variably adjustable (via the engine control)
  • Reliable attainment of the specified extraction capacity
  • Minimal energy requirement
  • Lightweight construction with especially low weight
  • Reduction of the rotating masses
Martin Pesic

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Bild von Martin Pesic, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.