Full Power for Full Braking Force Strong pumps for an optimal fluid exchange in brake maintenance devices

48 bends, multiple meters in altitude: when the mountain calls, one must be able to respond …

You know the Stelvio Pass – the queen of the pass roads with a heavenly panorama of the Alps to enjoy? If not, you must go there sometime. If so, then you know very well that traversing this road is not easy and places high demands on the brakes of an automobile or camper van.
In order for families to be able to return safely from their Italian holiday, they must master the 48 hairpin turns at the exit towards Trafoi – nothing must go wrong, the brakes must not fail here. To guarantee this, regular servicing and checking and, if necessary, refilling of the brake system are critical. In this, the brake maintenance devices used are those for which SCHERZINGER offers customized pumps.

The strong pump heart for a residue-free exchange of fluids:

Brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorbs water over time. Because temperatures vastly exceeding 100°C occur in brake systems at times, water components in the brake fluid evaporate and create dangerous air bubbles in the brake system. These air bubbles are compressible, unlike the brake fluid. Thus, the force on the brake can suddenly disintegrate, and, in extreme cases, the brakes on the vehicle fail to function. In order to avoid such an occurrence, the brake fluid is checked with modern brake maintenance devices; if necessary, the fluid is vacuumed and replaced. It is critical here that a high-performance, powerful pump has two main tasks:

  • extract the used fluid with as little residue as possible, preferably residue-free
  • create a vacuum so that the new fluid can be filled without creating air pockets in the system

SCHERZINGER pumps fulfill both tasks with sufficient efficiency and the customary reliability of our products.

The advantages from SCHERZINGER for your brake maintenance device

Brake maintenance devices must be chemically resistant because brake fluid is aggressive and can destroy lacquered surfaces within minutes. For efficiency in personal use, they must have a highly competent suction and filling capacity, and they must possess a robust technology for daily use in a workshop. As the heart of your brake maintenance device, SCHERZINGER pumps satisfy all these aspects and are thus a reliable component of your product. Furthermore, these advantages come with SCHERZINGER products:

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Environmentally friendly

The brake fluid is extracted safely and cleanly – the system is refilled just as reliably

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The influence of the operator is minimized and a signal is sent in the case of a faulty filling

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The high-tech product is safe to handle, thereby ensuring a trouble-free maintenance

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