Cool Climate Thanks to Cool Maintenance Reliable pumps for the safe emptying and filling of air conditioning units during maintenance

On the go in a dream camper van in summer – a nightmare without a refreshing A/C unit

Finally the long-awaited summer vacation is here: the family is taking a large camper van to the hotter climate in the south. The trip is already in full vacation mode in great anticipation of the beach – the A/C unit in the vehicle must work properly. However, if the unit is not functioning properly, the temperatures rise to the unbearable, and the mood quickly sinks to a low point. Often, turning the knobs and pressing the buttons will not help now – the A/C unit presumably needs new juice. SCHERZINGER pumps ensure that air conditioning units are emptied and can be precisely filled with coolants – this way the summer vacation is guaranteed thanks to proper fluid management.

Low-viscosity coolant? That's no problem for gear pumps from SCHERZINGER.
Benedikt Milde
Bild von Benedikt Milde, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.

Highly precise pumps for maintenance work on large, mobile A/C units

In air conditioning units, fluids – so-called coolants – absorb warmth and thereby cool the environment. If it is time for maintenance, specifically for larger, mobile air conditioning units, these fluids must first be extracted from the system: They are pumped out so that the unit is completely emptied. Only then can individual parts such as refrigeration compressors or hoses be replaced. After a successful maintenance, the fluids are now required: and now with a very specific pressure.

Filling occurs in two stages: First a pressurized coolant bottle produces the necessary pressure equalization. Then it depends on a precise pump performance once more so that exactly the required amount of coolant enters the system again, essentially without differential pressure, and can therefore reliably provide cool air. Emptying and filling –SCHERZINGER gear pumps are just the right product for the right climate.

Reliable air conditioning maintenance for mobile use

Air conditioning units must be regularly serviced to be able to reliably provide the right climate. Our pumps manage the emptying and filling with all common coolants at the precisely required pressure – with many advantages for you:

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Compact system for mobile use within the workshop

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Suitable for all coolants available on the market

Icon zum Wirkungsgrad von Zahnradpumpen der Scherzinger Pumpen GmbH.

Applicable for system pressures (inlet pressures) up to 80 bar in CO2-refrigeration cycles

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Much more precise than manually emptying and filling air conditioning units

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A more standardized, faster and, for the technician, less dangerous maintenance process

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Bild von Sinan Alüste, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.