Base Fuel Becomes High-Tech Fuel Reliable additive dosing for optimization and differentiation

North of the Arctic Circle, 4:30 a.m., icy temperatures – when the car does not start now …

Auroral lights are an impressive natural phenomenon, Anyone who wants to expereince these live in their full splendor should travel – for example, to Iceland or northern Norway. The lights can be seen primarily in the polar regions, depending on solar activity, where the field lines penetrate the atmosphere. So that, under these prevailing extreme minus temperatures, the diesel fuel in the research vehicle does not seperate and can continue to flow, additives are added to it.

Such additives fulfill numerous other important tasks as well – for example, they ensure that the fuel and oil render the required performance and can first fulfill the requirements of modern engines. They have a purifying effect and protect against wear, foam generation and corrosion while improving the quality (of both fuels and the fuel-conducting systems). They turn gas into "liquid gold" – with help from SCHERZINGER pumps.

Bild der Herstellung und Bearbeitung einer Gerotorpumpe beim Spezialisten Scherzinger.

By the way …

Even when aerial demonstration squadrons perform breathtaking maneuvers in formation flight and drag colorful trails behind them, this also used SCHERZINGER high-tech: With the help of our pumps, special color additives were added to these jet fuels which then drew colorful spectacles in the sky in combination with the pilots' skills.

Precise fuel additive dosing with SCHERZINGER

A series of special additives are added to gasoline and diesel in refineries or while filling tank trucks. The dosing pump here must be very precise and function absolutely safely in processes – this is the basis for ensuring that the subsequent combustion of the energy source can optimally take place and that corresponding emission limits can be observed.

The particular challenge for the pump here is that it must convey non-lubricating substances. SCHERZINGER satisfies the high requirements of reliability, lowest tolerances and highest precision with distinction – even without the possibility of lubrication by the conveyed substance. Your unique advantages package:

Icon für die genaue Dosierung bei hochwertigen Pumpen von Scherzinger.

Safe, precise and reproducible dosing (depending on specification)

Icon für zuverlässige & betriebssichere Scherzinger-Pumpen.

Highest operational safety

Icon für Energieeffizienz bei dem Umternehmen Scherzinger Pumpen.

Minimal energy expenditure and high efficiency

Icon zur Anwendungsorientierung, da Scherzinger Zahnradpumpen sehr anwendungsorientiert sind.

Configurable for the specific application case

Pumpen von Scherzinger bestechen durch Qualität und ihrer hohen Zuverlässigkeit.

ATEX/Explosion protection

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Bild von Benedikt Milde, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.

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