Getting Ahead with Heating Auxiliary heating pumps with a precise fuel dosing

A truly comfortable climate despite -40°C outside temperature

Anyone traveling in Lapland must dress warmly: double-digit temperatures below zero are everything but a rarity. Man and machine must prepare for this because only then can they enjoy the magnificent nature awaiting them there. So that you do not freeze in the bone-chilling cold while en route, there is, thank God, auxiliary heating for vehicles. The courageous step through the gliding doors of a tour bus, the comforting warmth that makes your fingertips tingle – in this moment, there is hardly a more pleasant sensation. The bus requires a precise pump - from SCHERZINGER - for this cozy climate.

Pumps to warm your heart:

Auxiliary heating units warm passenger compartments independently of the drive operation. They burn fuels (typically, diesel) and thereby create warmth – for example, in buses, trucks or ships. The warmth is transported by a heat carrier and pipe system in the passenger compartment (similar to central heating in houses). The auxiliary heating pump has the task here of very precisely dosing the fuel in the smallest quantities. Through this method, emissions are reduced, and the devices operate with the highest efficiency. One challenge which SCHERZINGER absolutely masters: The pump must repeatedly function perfectly under various operating conditions – whether it is at an elevation of 3000 m or in hot or cold conditions. It must attain optimal emission values at all times and be able to reproducibly supply the required injection amount across the speed range very well.

Precise pump power without ifs and buts

Auxiliary heating pumps make life easier, if at first not even possible in extreme conditions. Thanks to the high-performance heating, the passenger area will qucikly become comfortably warm even during short distance traffic (e.g. in public transit buses) and after longer standing times (e.g. tour buses). In order to keep the fuel demand and the emissions as low as possible, efficiency is the alpha and omega. You will profit with SCHERZINGER in these product advantages:

Geringes Gewicht der Scherzinger Zahnradpumpen als Vorteil.

Low weight

Icon zur kompakten Bauform von Kleingeräten der Scherzinger Pumpen GmbH.

Compact model for minimal space requirements

Icon zum Wirkungsgrad von Zahnradpumpen der Scherzinger Pumpen GmbH.

High output density

Icon für kleine Pumpen der Scherzinger GmbH.

Easy to install – also to upgrade


Icon für robuste Technik als Vorteil der Scherzinger Zahnradpumpen.

Robust technology, proven through countless hours of operation:

reliable operation, regardless of whether it is cold or wet outside

Icon für Kraftstoffeffizienz und niedrige CO2-Emissionen durch Scherzinger Zahnradpumpen.

Environmentally friendly: the drive can be switched off

perfect harmony with hybrid drives