Dry Sump Pumps Efficient and needs-oriented lubrication of four-stroke engines

High-performance for motor sports

The dry sump pumps from SCHERZINGER are used primarily in engines in the racing sector. The multi-stage gear pumps are designed for the extraction of oil from the crankcase, cylinder heads, chain cases and turbochargers.

The use of high-strength aluminum gear wheels is recommended particularly for extremely dynamic motor sports applications to reduce the mass moment of inertia whereby the engine responds even faster and the emission levels decrease. Of course, the suction levels can be combined with any pressure stage design.

Detailaufnahme einer Trockenstumpfpumpe vom Pumpen Hersteller Scherzinger.
Number of stages3 to 15
Flow rate per stageup to 300 l/min
Differential pressureup to 8 bar
Suction outputup to 250 mbar absolute
Viscosity classesfor all viscosity classes, even 0W-20 and 0W-30
Speed rangeup to 13,000 1/min
Temperature rangefrom –40°C to +150°C
Pumping principle

External gear pumps
Vane pumps

Pressure stage(s)Controlled and uncontrolled possible
Installation typeAdd-on pump, seals resistant to biofuels
Built-in pump
Shaft oil pump
MaterialsCasing of: aluminum or magnesium alloys
Gear wheels of highly wear-resistant aluminum or steel


Produced for applications such as:

  • Road sports cars
  • Jetskis
  • Recreational boats
Martin Pesic

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Produced for applications such as: