4 Pump Designs for Nearly Unendless Possibilities Always the suitable pump principle

Variety for Flexibility

Each pump principle has its strengths and advantages compared to other concepts. To ensure that you receive the ideal pump solution for your application, SCHERZINGER creates a portfolio consisting of four different basic types. These are supplemented by a modular design that enables us to simply and quickly produce individually suitable special solutions from basic solutions.

Bild einer Pumpe mit spezieller Bauart der Firma Scherzinger aus Furtwangen im Schwarzwald.

An overview of the advantages of the pump principle


External gear pump

Internal gear pump

Gerotor pump

Maximum pressure


Low viscosity


High viscosity


Wear resistance






Mainly used for

series production, oil applications

individual series, universal liquids

series production, diesel applications

Key:   - poor   /   o acceptable   /   + good   /   ++ excellent