So the Runway/Landing Strip Does Not Become an Ice Rink Brine pumps for the most modern de-icing technology

London, Heathrow: Fog, biting cold, a centimeter-thick layer of ice on the ground, aircraft waiting …

The drizzle has transformed the runways and landing strips into ice rinks over night – a take-off or a landing in these conditions? Inconceivable! The most modern de-icing technology is now implemented: The de-icing fleet moves out – with them: SCHERZINGER deicing pumps that ensure that the salt solution is applied precisely to the icy surfaces and that the surfaces are swiftly and very effectively de-iced.

Precisely coordinated pump power

SCHERZINGER pumps can be regulated precisely and thus enable a highly accurate dosing process. They are extremely durable and are terrifically suited for the adverse weather conditions in which de-icing technology is implemented. SCHERZINGER offers you the following:

Icon für eine hydraulisch, mechanisch und elektrisch abgestimmten Salzlakepumpe.

Hydraulic, mechanic and electric pumps coordinated for your application


Icon für zuverlässige & betriebssichere Scherzinger-Pumpen.

High operational safety


Icon zum individuellen Reparaturservice von Scherzinger Pumpen.

Low-maintentance technology


Icon zur geringen Aufwandmenge der Scherzinger Pumpen.

Low application range per square meters and thus a large area output

for a higher range with a vehicle load

Icon für exakte Dosierbarkeit mit Scherzinger Pumpen als Vorteil.

Accurate dosing for maximum efficiency in the use of materials

Icon zur Anwendungsorientierung, da Scherzinger Zahnradpumpen sehr anwendungsorientiert sind.

Targeted application of the de-icing agent – efficient, environmentally friendly and with a rapid de-icing effect

Marco Hawlicek

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Bild von Marco Hawlicek, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Spezialist von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.