The Greater the Wind Power, the Stronger the Technology Pump power at the highest level for the lubrication of wind turbine gear units

Stong wind at 175 m altitude – 150 m rotor diameter – the power output is enormous

A wind force 7 prevails, it is drizzling and is rather unpleasant. Up high, the rotor blades are swinging, but they are not yet moving – the wind turbine stands still. Why? It is 4 in the morning, and the extra portion of electricity is not needed. The structure will start briefly, and only then will the brakes be released. Nevertheless, it is already time to warm things up with the aid of SCHERZINGER pump power so that the enormous wind power can also effectively be utilized for electricity generation and the technology will not fail.

Maximum power in the lubrication for maximum resistance in the system

High-tech wind turbines are an integral part of renewable energy production – they continue to become bigger and more efficient. The gear architects manage to evenly distribute the gigantic loads in the gear unit with a higher number of planet gear wheels that circulate around the central sun gear wheel. The lubrication naturally has a significant role in such highly stressed gears. For this reason, the wind turbine wheels do not simply operate when the wind starts to blow. Before its brakes can be released for electricity generation, it must be warmed up: in this process, the gear lubrication pump, together with the heating of the gear oil, warms up to a minimal temperature. Once this is achieved, it presses the oil through the bearing points in the gear and transports it to the engagement points.

… and still a lifespan of 120,000 hours

Now the brakes are opened, and the wind turbine begins to rotate: The load on the bearing and engagement points of the gearing is enormous – the lubrication film must by no means tear off, otherwise the gear will bear permanent damage as a result. The pump systems perfectly designed for this case by SCHERZINGER ensure this. They enable the operation and ensure the impressive lifespan of 120,000 hours – this is equivalent to 24 times that of a car engine.

Pumpen zur Schmierungen von Windturbinen und deren Windkraft-Getrieben.

Robustness, efficiency and durability, thanks to pumps of the highest quality

SCHERZINGER knows the application conditions in wind turbine gear units inside out and knows of the extremely high load – both short-term and long-term. This is the basic requirement for which we can offer you pumps that are accurately designed to eliminate the risk of seizure and gray stains on the gear unit owing to the best lubrication conditions. The load on the gearing causes high pressings and temperatures – SCHERZINGER pumps see to it that these do not damage the gearing and thus do not cause gear failure. Our solutions avoid impact loads, vibrations, high sliding components and high surface pressures. The reliable, robust and very constant gear lubrication gives you essential advantages:

Steigerung der Wirtschaftlichkeit von Windturbinen durch Pumpen von Scherzinger.

An increased profitability of the system

Lange Lebensdauer von Windturbinen durch Pumpen von Scherzinger.

A long lifespan of 120,000 hrs

Geringer Energieeinsatz für die Schmierung von Windturbinen durch Scherzinger Produkte.

A very low energy consumption for the lubrication

Sicherer Betrieb von Windturbinen durch Pumpen von Scherzinger.

A safe operation even under extreme conditions

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