Nutritional Value with Added Value Dosing pumps for the individual production of feed

Splashing water, snapping mouths, smacking sounds – it is feeding time in the koi pond

Each new toss of a load of feed pellets causes a great commotion in the pond: The animals are strong, healthy and hungrily pursue the wild hunt for feed balls. This is exactly how it should be – they receive the feed which evidently supplies the right combination of nutritional values and other ingredients such as molasses, enzymes, lecithins and much more. SCHERZINGER pumps for the feed industry make it possible that the proper mixture can reach the animals – all over the world.

I see to it that
your animals are
supplied with the
proper ingredients.
Benedikt Milde
Bild von Benedikt Milde, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.

Flexibly applicable dosing pumps for the feed industry

The application options of pumps in the industrial production of feed are nearly as diverse as the animal world. To this end, they serve to, for example, produce high-performance feed for ruminant animals: With the aid of the pumps, enzymes for mashing or sugar syrups for direct fermentation are added to the cleaned and ground grain. If feed should be developed for aquacultures, the pumps ensure that the feed contains additives for the color and/or the health of the fish in proper doses. Even oils for the enrichment of extruded pellets can be dosed accurately – so that the feed receives the desired sink/swim properties. SCHERZINGER develops and manufactures the perfectly suitable pump for your production process - based on over 40 years of experience in this market sector.

Properly dosing the proper ingredients

The feed industry produces the most diverse products for all possible feed purposes. Consistent quality without variations in the composition of the feed is critical for good products and the well-being of the animals to be fed.

SCHERZINGER enables this perfectly, thanks to reliably functioning pumps that incorporate all the vital characteristics:

Hohe Fördermenge & Förderleistung bei der Futtermittelherstellung durch Pumpen von Scherzinger.

High flow rate/capacity

Bedarfsgerechte Zumengung von Enzymen bei der Futtermitteherstellung durch Scherzinger Pumpen.

Precise, demand-oriented addition of enzymes

Hohe Betriebssicherheit bei Futtermittelherstellung durch Pumpen von Scherzinger.

High operational safety


Benedikt Milde

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Bild von Benedikt Milde, einem Ansprechpartner und Pumpen-Experten von SCHERZINGER Pumpen.