Our Extremely Flexible Series Production Consequent customer orientation for precisely accurate pump solutions

Individuality in series

Custom solutions under series conditions? It sounds impossible but it is the reality at SCHERZINGER: The foundation for this is our consequent customer orientation in every department. From a modular component philosophy to the prodution organization, we are extremely flexible and deliver the requested pumps on time – even in the case of greater fluctuations in customer needs.

We organize assembly processes according to the one-piece-flow method and apply KAIZEN (the principle for continuous improvement). The KAIZEN business culture serves as a stable foundation for our production and the internationally recognized SCHERZINGER quality. We place a great deal of value on lean production and administrative processes and ensure these with a comprehensive KANBAN system of the entire delivery chain.

In brief: We leave nothing undone in providing quality in our series – for over 80 years, for the most diverse sectors and with constantly growing success.