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How is it going at Scherzinger in the "Corona year" - interview with the CEO

"You can't prepare for something like that," says Matthias Derse, CEO of Scherzinger. The fact that Scherzinger still gets through the corona pandemic well is an impressive team effort by the whole team.

"As part of our strategy process, we had many scenarios in mind - there was no global pandemic!" with these words Matthias Derse starts the conversation. Scherzinger has come through the exceptional year 2020 comparatively well so far. At no point did the company have to close, and deliveries were made to customers at all times. The delivery on time rate is 98%. And most importantly: So far, no employee was tested COVID positive - the health rate is at a high level. "You can't really prepare for a situation like this, but together we can handle every situation! The team spirit at Scherzinger is impressive, everyone knows what matters: If the customer is fine, we are fine too!" Matthias Derse summarizes the situation. "The vast majority of customers appreciate our commitment, especially in medium-sized companies, customers and suppliers stick together even in these difficult times," continues the CEO of Scherzinger. "A few customers have disappointed me. But these are always the same!" Matthias Derse admits with a smile. At the end of the year, group sales will be 5% less than in the previous year. A respectable figure considering the crisis of the century. "That was only possible thanks to the enormous flexibility of the team and I'm very proud of that!" How will the next year go? "We are starting new projects in series production, we are planning a significant jump in sales. If the pandemic does not get completely out of control and a vaccine for risk groups may even be available from the middle of next year, I am not worried about 2021! I think it is more the long-term development. A policy of bans - especially with regard to the combustion engine - will massively weaken Germany as a business location. Substantial industrial added value is fading away from Germany. I don't think that we can protect the environment in Europe by bans and prohibition. That will not work, especially not on a global scale. We have to use clever technologies to make environmental protection and sustainability possible without sacrificing. Scherzinger is working on various projects that protect the environment - without sacrificeI donot . Unfortunately, this strategy has not yet made it into politics, at least I do not recognize this kind of thinking in politics at all! " Matthias Derse sums up.