Company News There is something new from the SCHERZINGER high-tech world of pumps

Smart solutions for maritime environmental responsibility

Did you already know? Ships such as the Queen Mary 2 emit as much nitrogen oxide when lying in port, for example in Hamburg, as 1.5 million mid-range diesel cars.

We at Scherzinger Pumpen have the solution: Our SCR pumping systems support a precise reduction of emissions that comply with IMO MARPOL standards and beyond. SCR technology converts harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, making emissions virtually pollutant-free.

But that's not all: our systems are not only compliant, but also designed for efficiency and durability. With a service life of up to 30,000 hours until the next maintenance interval, our dosing systems guarantee uninterrupted performance. And thanks to our modular design, they can be easily adapted and maintained to suit your vessel's needs. 

"This is a great success for the project team! It took almost four years of intensive development and testing from the initial idea to implementation. A dedicated motor controller was needed, the pump concept had to be refined and the team even developed a new, pioneering solution for the filter concept! Schwarzwälder Pumpen Power intelligently controlled - another major milestone for Heart of Hightech!" says Matthias Derse, Managing Director, about the clever solution for exhaust systems in shipbuilding.

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