Company News There is something new from the SCHERZINGER high-tech world of pumps

Scherzinger takes of with systems!

Scherzinger used the company holidays to create space for new products right next to the main plant in Furtwangen. The approximately 250 square meter building had been owned by the Scherzinger company for many years and is now flourishing again. System construction starts on September 1st in the new premises!

"This is where the future is emerging for Scherzinger. Based on our modular pump kit, we are now realizing complete systems including control and regulation technology. Fast, flexible and individually tailored to customer needs - we will of course remain true to our positioning in the market!" reports Matthias Derse - CEO of the Scherzinger Group - proudly. There are good reasons for establishing the system building in the new building. On the one hand, the newly created areas make it possible to achieve extremely short distances from the project and development team to the assembly team. This enables the highest level of customer orientation and flexibility to be achieved. On the other hand, the assembly on the 3rd floor of the main plant would be a logistical challenge that would be associated with a lot of waste. What works well for the classic pump assembly would be simply inefficient for the implementation of larger systems - partly integrated in control cabinets. In the newly established "system building", the systems are now being implemented at ground level in one area and the logistics can be implemented according to the latest lean standards. This is absolutely necessary because the ramp-up is due soon! In just a few years, Scherzinger will generate 20% of sales with systems.