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Effects of Putin's war - an interview with the executive director

"We have now been tested in crisis mode - we will also master the current situation!" Matthias Derse, Managing Director of Scherzinger, comments confidently on the current situation. But you can tell that he is deeply touched by the suffering of the people in Ukraine. "Unfortunately, it is only in such situations that you realize what is really important!"

"Now it's taking revenge that Putin wasn't stopped long ago - but afterwards you're always smarter, I know that too!" Matthias Derse is visibly agitated considering the immeasurable suffering that is happening to the Ukrainian population. "We have been out of the Russian market for years. We therefore have no direct effects. However, the assembly lines of one or the other of our customers are standing still because the supply from the Ukraine is missing. We are currently examining our supply chains, without identifying any risks so far. However, prices will rise again, and everyone has to adjust to that. We build up our warehouse and - as usual when things get difficult - buffer between the end customer and our suppliers. The end customers simply cancel their requirements. We do not do so with our suppliers, but of course we can't bear the whole burden, we also need support from them. But to be honest, that's not most important for us at the moment. We support the city of Furtwangen with money and donations in kind for an aid campaign for the Ukraine - so we can at least do something for the people there".

"I hope that the war will end soon and that Putin has achieved exactly the opposite of what he wanted. His country is isolated, the EU and NATO have recognized the importance of cohesion."