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The New Construction Project Plant "Neueck"

"It all comes down to your roots!": Serial production starts in our new building in end of 2019!

"It all comes down to your roots!": In December 2019, 15 months after the start of construction, it was finally ready. Our series production team could move into the new plant in the intercommunial industrial park in Neueck, between Furtwangen and Gütenbach. The building covers approximately 2800 square meters of surface area with modern office and social spaces, a large production area and a separate assembly area. The layout was consistently designed according to the flow principle." It was a unique experience for me to really start with concepts on the green field and then practically design the plant around this and the lean material flow – a brilliant experience with a fantastic result!" raves Dirk Hofmeier, Director of KAIZEN at Scherzinger.

The head of production for the site, Heiko Kuschmann, summarizes the motivation for the new building: "With the new building "Neueck," we have created a space in which we can realize the numerous customer requests in the series production section at the Furtwangen site. The new building grants us the opportunity to consequently continue the "2 Paths" strategy introduced in 2011. Our comprehensive portfolio of stainless steel and gray cast iron pumps will be produced at the main office on Bregstrasse and the series production will now be produced here in the new plant."